Chief Pilecki

            I walked up one flight stairs, then another, then another, then another. The white walls were windowless. They are lit with two white lights. Am I in a kind of movie set, the kind where there are police, and there is ...?

            At the top of the stairs was the room. It had a vertical slit-shaped window. Three flags, American, Massachusetts, and Wellesley flag, each furled, hang on golden flagpoles alongside the window. Dark green books with gold lettering lined up the tall reddish-brown wooden bookshelves.

            I sat down, and started asking. Chief Pilecki was tall and looked scholarly. My hands were a bit shaky, and my voice was being too soft, this being my first interview and I was facing the Police Chief, none other!

             Chief Pilecki tried to ease my nerve with a smile. I learned that he had grown up in Framingham, and in sixth grade had gone to Sprague School and Wellesley Middle School. He spent much of his childhood in Wellesley. When he went to Sprague, the building was much smaller, with one class for each grade.

            Chief Pilecki had wanted to be a police officer as a child. He likes the “feeling of happiness and joy when you help somebody.” He later became an officer, then sergeant, then lieutenant, then deputy chief, then chief, all of which made him proud. The journey took him 34 years.      

           Any changes in town? Oh yes. Some changes he had noticed were an increase in traffic, and more stores.

            I asked him what he thought was important for us to learn.

           “Treat others the way you would like your family treated."

            He said, without any hesitation.

            The way he said it, it was heart-felt.

            He walked me out of the door, and down the stairs, making sure I would not get lost, the way he would watch out for his family. 

             And Wellesley is one of the safest towns in the country.

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