Fathers and sons went to Diehl's on Saturday morning to buy lumber and coal. It was a routine for many. Sometimes little girls tagged along. It was family time.

      There were even Sears catalogues there for people to order supplies.

      Diehl's used to be where Roche Bros currently is. An 18-year-old boy started the store, when he was too young to sign the contract. His parents stepped in. It became a family business.

Roche Bros in Wellesley on an early Saturday morning.

       There used to be a Star Market  at where Whole Foods is...

       Now Amazon’s cool electonics sit comfortably on sleek slivery shelves in Wellesley Whole Foods. The shelves stood steps away from the express check out cashiers, opposite the customer service counter. It was the most congested, hence the most coveted prime location in the store. 

Amazon's gray lockers lined the exit wall, a constant reminder of the new world of shopping.