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Everyone in town knows about the dump.


The dump used to have incinerators. The tall towers of the incinerators were the beacons of bravery among some boys, Mr. Martin recalled. They would dare each other to climb to the top. It was no small deed -- the towers were 100-foot tall. 

Fifteen years ago, the take-and-leave section was developed. One can find toys, electronics, china, even wired garden decoration with beautiful cardinals.

Image from Wellesley Townsman

Recycling was developed around 30 years ago. It has been getting better and better. Now there is recycle programs for kitchen scrapes.

At where the towers used to be, are areas of recycled books. And my mom found last year's AP Calculus Prep book. The dreadful May test instantly felt lighter!

Image from The Swellesley Report