The Wellesley Free Library

      The new modern Wellesley Free Library is the pride of the town. At its opening, the middle school students formed a human link to transport the library books from the Town Hall across the street to their new home, book by book. The town residents loved to talk about the story.

      The library used to have puzzles for residents to check out. Now there are ebooks, which can be puzzling to many who used to check out the puzzles.

      The automatic check-out machines in the main library are already the second generation. In Children’s room, the machine is set up low so the little ones can do it without having to stand on tiptoe. The longtime residents still remember the parallel lines during the library rush hours, when the librarians themselves had to check out all the books.

     Some residents used to tape their book receipts on their refrigerator door, sorted by due dates. They had to call the library or go in person to renew an item.